National courthouse, Viborg, Denmark

The new National Courthouse for Western Jutland will be completed later this year as part of a PPP project. Caverion has carried out the technical design and installation and will have the full facility management responsibility in 25 years of service. 


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Darbības jomas

  • Ventilācija un gaisa kondicionēšana
  • Drošības sistēmas
  • Informācijas un datu tīkli
  • Apkure, ūdensapgāde un kanalizācija
  • Elektroapgāde
  • Aukstumapgāde
  • Automātika

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The Authority for the Courts of Denmark wants a new national courthouse for the Western part of Denmark with high architectural and technical standards and an improved life cycle performance compared to other public building projects. 


Based on a tender the authority chose A. Enggaard and Caverion as partners in a public-private partnership that included the design, construction and maintenance of the building. Caverion has taken the responsibility for most of the technical design as well as the installations and will manage not only the technical installations but the whole facility when the building opens later this year. 
The maintenance contract includes full responsibility of energy usage and has given Caverion a great opportunity to use and benefit from our technical capabilities in 25 years of operation.

Facts about the building

Project facts
  • Size of Building: 9.460 m2
  • Ground Area: 13.750 m2
  • Owner: Nordea
  • User of Building: Domstolstyrelsen - Courts of Denmark
  • Main Contractor: A. Enggaard
  • Architect: KPF
  • Engineering Company: COWI

Technical facts
  • Electrical Power Supply: Split in user and building related
  • Electrical Power Supply: Split in user and building related
  • Lighting: Fagerhult
  • Socket outlet's: Split in user and building related
  • DATA Installations (PDS): AMP Systems
  • Heating: District heating
  • Plumbing: Connection to public sewer
  • Sprinkler: 2000 Sprinkler Heads
  • BMS (CTS): Trend+KNX
  • ABA Fire detection: 155 measuring points
  • AIA Intruder Alarm: 194 measuring points
  • ADK Access Control: 73 Doors
  • Speech warning: 120 Speakers
  • Ventilation & Cooling: 72.000 m3/h

Facts about Caverion's solutions

  • Design: Specification of specialist technical installations including sprinkler, CTS, fire detection, intruder alarm, access control, speech warning and ventilation/cooling
  • Construction: All technical installations
  • Operations: Maintenance of technical installations and full facility management including energy performance

9.460 m2
size of building

sprinkler heads